Designing Pub Interiors

Some people may assume that all Irish pubs look the same. This is not necessarily true. On the surface, a lot of them do feature similar design elements. This is because customers associate Ireland with a distinct range of iconography. On the other hand, newer pubs have strived to be more unique by changing perceptions of the traditional Irish décor. If a new pub owner wants to come up with something special, they need to consider a number of interior design factors.

Fans of Irish pubs may have noticed that many of them feature a colour scheme of green, orange and white. There is an important reason for this. They are the colours of the Irish national flag. Green is also associated with the country due to its bucolic landscape. Furthermore, the hue is associated with Catholicism. Meanwhile, white is meant to symbolise peace, and orange has historical links with the Protestant movement.

The issue with focusing so much on the flag is that interior designers have painted themselves into a corner. It has led to the misconception that all Irish pubs are alike. There are two solutions to the problem. The first is to get creative with the scheme. If designers think outside of the box, they can continue to utilise greens, whites and oranges in non-traditional ways.

Another option is to come up with something completely new. Recently created bars are more likely to opt for something modern. They could choose an understated, simplistic palette. This can include wood brown or a black and white combination. If it is a family-focused establishment, then vibrant hues might be chosen so that the design appeals to kids.

The colour scheme is just one factor to consider. The size and shape of the interior space are also important. It will directly affect how much furniture can be placed inside the pub. The dimensions also correlate with the maximum number of potential customers. Larger pubs are able to fit more people in. If there is a dance floor, this also needs to be taken into account. The main goal is to make it easy for people to move around inside the pub and sit down if they need to. Consequently, designers should be careful where they place the furniture.