Aside from St. Patrick’s Day, the most important time of the year for Irish pubs is Christmas. Not all drinking establishments will be open on Christmas Day itself. However, the festive build-up and subsequent New Years celebrations will create a high amount of profits for pub owners.

When Christmas approaches, many people are given time off work. Students may return to their hometowns. As a result, a lot of citizens get the chance to socialise with friends. Irish pubs are the ideal venues for this purpose.

Plenty of drinking businesses have begun to serve food as well. Sites including Sky News have explored the reasons for this popular trend. If bars have a food menu, it means customers will not have to leave and go to a rival restaurant business. Furthermore, it can end up being more profitable than focusing solely on an alcohol-related service. Christmas dinners are often highly lucrative for Irish pubs.

One of the biggest mistakes to make is not preparing for the holiday rush. Managers should order plenty of supplies and ensure they have enough staff members ready. It is best to train employees before the festive season starts so that they are prepared.